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      1. mitigate: v. 減輕, 緩和. (反 enforce)

      e.g.In this work, we focus onmitigatingthis problem for a certain class of symbolic data.

      2. corroborate: v.[VN][often passive](formal)證實, 確證.

      e.g.This iscorroboratedby our experiments on real-world graph.

      3. endeavor: n./v. 努力, 盡力, 企圖, 試圖.

      e.g.It encourages us to continue theendeavorin applying principles mathematics and theory in successful deployment of deep learning.

      4. augment:v. 增加, 提高, 擴大. n.增加, 補充物.

      e.g.We alsoaugmentthe graph with geographic information (longitude, latitude and altitude), and GDP of the country where the airport belongs to.

      5. constitute: v.(被認為或看做)是, 被算作; 組成, 構成; (合法或正式地)成立, 設立.

      6. abide: v.接受, 遵照(規則, 決定, 勸告); 逗留, 停留.

      e.g. Training a graph classifier entails identifying whatconstitutesa class, i.e., finding properties shared by graphs in one class but not the other, and then deciding whether new graphsabideto said learned properties.

      7.entail:v.牽涉; 需要; 使必要.to involve sth that cannot be avoided.

      e.g.Due to the recursive definition of the Chebyshev polynomials, the computation of the filtergα(Δ)fgα(Δ)fentailsapplying the Laplacianrrtimes, resulting cal operator affecting only 1-hop neighbors of a vertex and inO(rn)O(rn)operations.

      8.encompass:v.包含, 包括, 涉及(大量事物); 包圍, 圍繞, 圍住.

      e.g.This model is chosen as it is sufficiently general toencompassseveral state-of-the-art networks.

      e.g.The k-cycle detection problem entails determining if G contains a k-cycle.

      9. reveal: v. 揭示, 顯示, 透露, 顯出, 露出, 展示.

      10.bestow: v.將(…)給予, 授予, 獻給.

      e.g.Aiming tobestowGCNs with theoretical guarantees, one promising research direction is to study graph scattering transforms (GSTs).

      11.alleviate: v.減輕, 緩和, 緩解.

      12.investigate: v.偵查(某事), 調查(某人), 研究, 調查.

      e.g.The sensitivity of pGST to random and localized noise is alsoinvestigated.

      13. fuse: v. (使)融合, 熔接, 結合; (使)熔化, (使保險絲熔斷而)停止工作.

      e.g.We thenfusethe topological embeddings with the initial node features into the initial query representations using a query networkfqfqimplemented as a two-layer feed-forward neural network.

      14.magnify: v.放大, 擴大; 增強; 夸大(重要性或嚴重性); 夸張.

      e.g. ..., adding more layers also leads to more parameters whichmagnifythe potential of overfitting.

      15.circumvent: v. 設法回避, 規避; 繞過, 繞行.

      e.g.Tocircumventthe issue and fulfill both goals simultaneously, we can add a negative term...




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